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Access infinite potential that redefines your reality
Take manifesting to limitless new levels
Make magic your new norm

Creating miracles just got seriously easy and seriously fun.

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Peony Flower

access infinite energy 

Step into 5D infinite living

Become one with Source, divinity, and unity

Be an infinite flow of nonstop magic, blessings, abundance & thriving for yourself and the world

(…open the floodgates to your infinite light. If you are reading this you are ready to be a model of massive transformation, potential, and awakening.)

create a limitless new body

Go beyond perfect health & immunity

Reclaim and reimagine luminous beauty and radiant self-expression

Create a light body that completely redefines human potential

(...not to mention an energy field so bright that your path is paved in magic.)

Peony Flower
Peony Flower

achieve your success and dreams

Share your greatest gifts and live your highest path

Go beyond your biggest dreams

Have crystal clear guidance and nonstop divine support

(...say goodbye to worry, doubt, and confusion & access spontaneous right action like a master alchemist with a magic wand.)

non stop emotional thriving

Unlock the magic of your emotions so you never struggle with them again

Be flooded with more power, love, and joy than you can imagine

And access what your emotions were meant to be… a turbo boost for your heart’s greatest desires

(...your emotions are designed to be like a dynamic duo of accessing divine wisdom with the joy of belly laughing with your BFF over your favorite cup of brew.)

Peony Flower
Peony Flower

welcome higher unity relationships

Understand relationships on a whole new level

Support, celebration, and inspiration filled - judgment, competition, and comparison free

Say goodbye to lightworker isolation and loneliness and hello to bliss

(...be cherished by people that match you and light you up and have boundaries that unfold with ease and harmony!)

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Client Words

Thanks to your manifesting challenge I was able to repair my relationship with my estranged father (we had not spoken in 10 years,) we now see each other twice a week. Second, I manifested $3,000 of unexpected income. Third, I manifested a gently used Lexus SUV For free. Last, I paid off some debt.

- 30 Day Manifesting Challenge


A place where becoming and living your dreams is the norm and love is our natural state.

Where you are reminded that every second can, and should be, overflowing with joy, bliss, and success.

Where we reclaim, reimagine and redefine our lives and world.

Where we energetically receive the beautifully unique strength, wisdom, and light of the entire group. Instead of having to do all the work on our own, we hit the ground running infinitely more powerful and having access to skills that we haven’t even developed but are shared with us! Words cannot begin to describe the level of power and magic we access together.

Where we say goodbye to competition and comparison and let our light and beauty become a healing balm and source of inspiration and liberation.

Where you come for high frequency energy, powerful turbo boosts, fun & indulgent pick-me-ups filled with laugher, love, and serious potent magic.

And finally, this community is a place where like hearted people share a frequency and brightness of power that we can only reach together. 

I would be OVERJOYED to have you join us!

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Client Words

"I did it! Things went really well based on your inspiring feedback and the focus on having fun too!! I'm energized to reach out and speak to groups with more and more frequency in order to spread love, respect, and thriving!!! Your abundance of materials is incredibly powerful. Each video seems to be just perfect as I get to it! I loved your message today! The timing was perfect! I keep saying “Yes” because your courageous and creative entrepreneurship inspires and comforts me in doing so. There is so much need for love and leadership and we are equipped to support and spread it!" - Pamela Ray, Founder & CEO Building STEAM Bridges and STEAM 4 Parents

Client Words

I loved the opportunity to engage, commune, and support other women who are conscious creators and empaths. I know of no other place where I could see like minded people who take a serious interest in conscious creation.

Christy Michele




HIGH FREQUENCY OWNER’S MANUAL - Your all new owner’s manual for an INFINITE life. It’s not just life changing... it’s GAME CHANGING.

HIGH FREQUENCY TURBOBOOSTS - Short and sweet, packed with powerful channeled guidance, easy and fun how-to’s, activations to keep you connected to Source, crystal clear, fully on track, and inspired. Divinely inspired and timely - receive up to date guided energy, healing & frequency!

WEEKLY GROUP CHANNELING, COACHING, HEALING AND ACTIVATION SESSIONS WITH Q & A - Open the floodgates to your highest path and hit the ground running.

GROUP SESSION REPLAYS - Access anytime and watch at your leisure.

LIVE & ON DEMAND COACHING - So you can take as much time as you need or binge watch to your heart's content. 

PRIVATE EXCLUSIVE MEMBER LOUNGE - Connect with and be inspired by other like-hearted souls!

QUANTUM ACTIVATED FREQUENCY AND LIGHT - Access quantum group energy! By joining you're not just accessing your own light, but you hit the ground running with the frequency and power of the entire group. Talk about a turbo boost.

QUANTUM ACTIVATED WISDOM AND SKILLS - Access an energetic “database” of infinite gifts and wisdom from the many unique paths we each have paved giving you access to skills, tools, and light that you haven’t even developed! We are designed to create together and it’s time to transform our lives and world on whole new levels…

Client Words
Your challenge went above and beyond my expectation to take a few steps forward. Your combination of meetups, videos and inspired guidance actually launched me forward. Your 30-day program imprinted new habits into my days including starting each day with clarity of intention.
- 30 Day Manifesting Challenge




Receive powerful healing, high frequency activations, and the exact process to access your magic, solve your problems, create your dreams RIGHT NOW.

All while having so much fun you’re gonna need a whole NEW BUCKET LIST!

  • High Frequency Owner's Manual
  • High Frequency Turboboosts
  • Weekly Group Coaching w/Q&A
  • Group Session Replays
  • Live & On Demand Coaching 
  • Private Exclusive Members Lounge
  • Quantum Activated Frequency & Light
  • Quantum Activated Wisdom & Skills

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